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How does the player score points?


The player scores points in Zentris 3000 every time a piece stops falling or a row is completed. The player receives points as follows:

2–20 points
Dropping a piece. The number of points for dropping a piece depends on the speed at which the player drops the piece. The faster the piece is dropped, the more points the player gets, up to twenty or as few as two.
100 points
For each row that is erased.
1,500 bonus points
Completing four lines at once.

If the Hint feature is used, the player receives half the number of points for placing that particular piece, which includes any lines erased or bonus points. Further, if the player uses hints more than three times in a row, the player receives no points for such pieces or the resulting lines that are erased.

This article was last reviewed on 9 Jul 2005.

Last reviewed:
9 Jul 2005

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