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Zaxxoids Release

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Zaxxoids: A Puzzle Game That’s Not A Copy Of Another Puzzle Game

September 2004


Zaxxoids: A Puzzle Game That’s Not A Copy Of Another Puzzle Game

With countless remakes, rehashes, and retreads of the same old puzzle games everywhere you turn, Zaxxoids provides a fresh concept—100% free of falling rotating bricks, blocks, gems, and even cannons that shoot little colored things.

Zaxxoids combines fast-paced action with clever puzzles of varying difficulty to provide an addictive and enjoyable gaming experience.

The idea is deceptively simple: rearrange paths to deflect rolling balls in order to line them up by color—three or more in a row and they are eliminated. Use this reaction to destroy all of the colored zaxxoids on the playing field and advance to the next level.

When you combine the straightforward objective of destroying “zaxxoids” with diverse and increasingly complex scrolling playing fields, time bombs, impenetrable balls, and other “twists” that permeate Zaxxoids, the result is a game that is both unique and familiar.

Rich graphics and sound make Zaxxoids a treat for the senses. There are over 120 levels in Zaxxoids, each with its own challenge and allure. Additional Level Packs (groups of similarly-themed levels) are available. A click-and-drag WYSIWYG Level Editor is included with the game to allow players to create and share Zaxxoids levels with others over the Internet. Zaxxoids also allows users to play their own music playlists during the game with built-in support for both iTunes and Windows Media Player. Online step-by-step graphical solutions and general hints for levels are accessible from within Zaxxoids by simply clicking a button.

Zaxxoids is a non-violent game that is suitable for players of all ages.

The trial version of Zaxxoids is available at the Zensoft website ( and at other popular download sites on the Internet. The retail version can be purchased for $19.95 at Zensoft’s online store ( and played within minutes.

Depending on the players’ preference, Zaxxoids will make their brains do 15,000 RPM in their hamster wheels or provide a calming, meditative escape from reality. That’s what makes it fun.


Evaluation copies are available upon request.

Screenshots and printable images of the game are available here:

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