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Zensoft was founded in 1990 by Robert J. Sundling. The first product from Zensoft, a game called Zentris for DOS, was released in 1991 and was met with great success (copies of the original Zentris are still sold today). Knowing a good thing, the sequel Super Zentris was released in 1992. The next several years were spent on technology development.

In 1995, William P. Jacobson joined Zensoft as a full partner, bringing his great talents and expansive vision to the company.

Zensoft’s final DOS game, ZONG for DOS, was released in the summer 1995. Additionally, a final, updated, version of Super Zentris incorporating ZONG technology was released at this time. After 1995, there was no more development for the DOS platform.

With DOS declining and Windows 95 taking over the mainstream, Zensoft spent the next several years developing an advanced solution for 32-bit and 64-bit game development. Finally, in the second quarter of 1998, the perfected result was the Rasdan Gaming Engine and the Zen programming language. Together, the pair provide an unparalleled system for game development, greatly reducing the cost and time of developing computer games of unlimited complexity.

In the second half of 1998 and through 2003, Zensoft’s internal focus shifted from technology development to the utilization of the developed technology through the creation of games based on the Rasdan engine. Additionally, Zensoft began licensing its Zen programming language and Rasdan Gaming Engine to other software companies developing software for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and providing support for its licensees.

In 2004 and 2005, Zensoft released two new computer games, Zaxxoids and Zentris 3000. Zensoft also expanded custom scientific simulation software using our Zen technology.

In 2008, Zensoft returned to game creation and began developing online games, including the popular Super Obama World.